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As a borrower, your mortgage rate varies greatly from lender to lender. This is because each one has different formulas for determining your risk.

So if you don’t shop lenders — whether buying a new home or refinancing — you’re almost certainly overpaying on your mortgage. In some cases, you could be paying tens of thousands of dollars extra over the lifetime of your loan.

GetPreApprovedNow not only saves you from excessive costs, we make certain you’re treated fairly.

Simply enter a few details about your property, and you get firm offers of credit from multiple lenders instantly with zero impact on your credit. The entire process takes about 60 seconds.

GetPreApprovedNow is 100% free and your information remains confidential.

Plus, if by some rare chance you find a lower rate than what’s offered, let us know and we’ll give you $500.

How’s that for fair?

See your rate and payment options today.

Simply tell us a few details about your home and your mortgage needs (your information remains private and secure). Our proprietary selection process then matches you with lenders offering your best rates and terms.

Under federal law, mortgage lenders must honor the offered rates and terms. So compare with confidence, knowing you’re seeing the best rates and terms for your mortgage.

When you see the rate and term you want, just click “Lock My Rate” or call the 800-number and enter your preapproval number. Remember, if you see a lower rate or term anywhere else, let us know and we’ll pay you $500.

After you hit “Lock My Rate,” you’re connected to the lender’s online application platform. All your information is prepopulated to simplify the process and save you time.

Once you submit your application, your lender will contact you to confirm your details and close your home loan. Every effort is made to complete the process in the shortest amount of time possible.

How it works

Why borrowers trust when buying a home or refinancing a mortgage.

Personalized firm rates and terms delivered to you instantly online.

No bait & switch. The lender must honor the firm rates & terms.

Our patented process allows you to get firm rates from multiple lenders without affecting your credit score.

Mortgage rates change regularly. Check in as often as you would like.

No unwanted phone calls! We do not sell your information. Mortgage lenders will not call you.

You decide which mortgage lender’s firm rate and terms to accept, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using

You’re a few short clicks away from quickly and easily seeing your PreApproved offers with customized firm rates and terms specific to you. We are not a Lender or a Broker, so getting you your best rate & terms is – our #1 priority!

Under Federal Law, these are firm offers of credit you, and the Lender must honor the rates and terms presented to you.

  1. Customized Firm Rates & Terms

  2. No Bait and Switch

  3. Quick & Easy

  4. Second Opinion for Effortless Comparison


Do you sell my information? I really don’t want to receive an influx of unwanted calls.

No, YOU'RE IN CONTROL! We do not sell your personal information and you will not be called. You decide whether to engage with the Lender and contact them.

Comparison shop rates without your phone ringing off the hook. We never sell your information, so you decide which Lender (if any) to contact. Save thousands with minimal effort.

Unlike our competitors, GetPreApprovedNow only requires the minimum amount of personal information to provide you with PreApproved firm offers of credit. We Will Not ask you for your SS# or income, you will provide these directly to the Lender (if any) you choose to contact.

Also, all of the rates presented to you will be firm offers of credit, meaning the Lender’s must honor them. On comparable sites, the offers presented to you are not firm, and the Lender’s have no obligation to honor the rates and terms you were presented with.


Does checking my personalized rates on GetPreApprovedNow affect my credit?

No, it won’t. Checking your rates will not affect your credit. The Lender must honor the rates and terms presented with your firm offer.

PreApproved is a process in which a credit reporting agency determines whether you meet a Lender’s preset eligibility criteria. If you do, then under Federal Law (Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA), the Lender must make a PreApproved, firm offer of credit to you. You can then apply for your credit with confidence knowing that you will not be turned down.


Does the Lender have to honor the rates and terms shown to me?

Yes, they will. Under Federal Law, the Lender must honor the rates and terms presented with your firm offer.

You can apply for your credit with confidence knowing you will not be turned down.


I already started the loan process with another Lender. Can I use your service to compare rates and terms?

Yes, definitely! You can customize your loan specifications to get a rate, terms and monthly payment that best fit your goals.

You not only get your firm rates, but also your terms (costs) in order to get those rates so that you may easily compare and obtain your best rate and terms – Guaranteed! If we can’t help you to get your best rate and lowest monthly payment, then we will pay you $500!


How often can I check my rates?

As often as you like! Checking your rates will not affect your credit score, and rates instantly refresh each time you check.

We wanted to create a service where you can proactively check rates that are firm to you, without a phone call or providing all of your personal information. Take advantage of your best rate, terms and monthly payment!

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